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Radio Interview

John was a guest on This Week in America with Ric Bratton. He discusses A CALL TO COLORS and shares historical anecdotes. Click through to watch the recording!

Now in Hardcover!

Published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press, EDGE OF VALOR is the next thrilling Todd Ingram novel set during events right after August 15, 1945 in the Pacific. This time, Ingram discovers a secret so terrible, all sides try to suppress it. Now available in Hardcover! Buy it today.


These are stand-alone naval action adventure novels featuring Todd Ingram. Historically accurate, they are set in World War II's Pacific Theater and portray some of the critical naval battles in that period.


Now Available from StarboardSide Productions, this ebook features Commander Mike Donovan, skipper of the destroyer USS Matthew. With General MacArthur's 165,000 troops just ashore to begin the Philippine liberation, Donovan finds himself embroiled in what becomes the Battle of Leyte Gulf - the largest naval engagement in the history of mankind. It is available for Kindle and Nook.


This contemporary techno-thriller was published by Charles Scribner's Sons in hardback in 1991. John likes to feature technical-centerpieces in his works and BRUTUS, a long-legged mini-submarine powered by fuel cells, takes former SEAL Brad Lofton to Petropovlovsk, Kamchatka, where he meets Spetsnaz Colonel Anton Dobrynyn, an identical twin Lofton never knew that...

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A complete and full list of books written by John J. Gobbell. Please click an image below for more about the books!

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Edge of Valor: Todd Ingram Book 5Edge of Valor

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 5 Hardcover: ISBN: 9781612515199 Naval Institute Press $34.95

The fifth exciting entry to the Todd Ingram series, Edge of Valor features the World War II exploits of Cdr. Todd Ingram, commanding officer of the destroyer USS Maxwell (DD 525). After the ship is damaged by a hit from a kamikaze just off Okinawa...Read more»

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A Call to ColorsA Call to Colors

Amazon Kindle: ASIN: B00M69CHJK StarboardSide Productions $7.95

"I shall return" is General Douglas MacArthur's promise to the Filipinos. It will take 165,000 troops and 700 ships in the bloody battle of Leyte Gulf to do it.

Among them is the destroyer USS Matthew and her skipper, Commander Mike Donovan, a veteran haunted by earlier savage battles. What Donovan doesn't know is that Vice Admiral Takao Kurita of Japan has laid an ingenious trap as the Matthew heads for the treacherous waters of Leyte Gulf. But Donovan faces something even deadlier than Kurita's battleships: Explosives secretly slipped on board American ships by saboteurs are set to detonate at any time. Now the Matthew's survival hinges on the ability of Donovan and his men to dismantle a bomb in the midst of the panic and the chaos of history's greatest naval battle. Read more»

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The Neptune StrategyThe Neptune Strategy

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 4 Kindle: ASIN: B005GMEFL2 Starboardside Productions $7.95


In 1944, the Allies have delivered a stunning blow to Hitler's Western Front. In the Pacific, Admiral Raymond A. Spruance's Fifth Fleet is poised to deliver a knock-out punch to the Japanese Navy—and begin a new war for the occupied islands. But in the center of this world-spanning drama, a lone Japanese submarine, the I-57, headed for the U-boat pens in Lorient, France, is on a mission of a very different kind. And on board is Todd Ingram, a prisoner of war and Captive of Fate.... Read more»

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When Duty Whispers LowWhen Duty Whispers Low

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 3 Kindle: ASIN: B003U8WUR0 Starboardside Productions $7.95

Filled with epic battles, romance, and the brutality of war, When Duty Whispers Low is a tale that will transport the reader to the South Pacific during World War II with a story as vibrant and stunning as anything Gobbell has ever written... Read more»

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A Code for TomorrowA Code for Tomorrow

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 2 Kindle: ASIN: B003F778WI Starboardside Productions $7.95

As the war in the South Pacific heats up, Lieutenant Todd Ingram gets a new assignment to the destroyer U.S. Howell, on which he will serve as executive officer. Thrown into two epic naval battles of early World War II a young but already battle-weary Todd Ingram is also in the middle of a personal nightmare... Read more»

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The Last LieutenantThe Last Lieutenant

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 1 Kindle: ASIN: B0038M3D8I Starboardside Production $7.95


Under an unstoppable barrage of artillery, brilliant U.S. cryptographers crack the Japanese top-secret code, revealing their chilling plans for a doomsday attack on Midway Island... Read more»

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The Brutus LieThe Brutus Lie

Kindle: ASIN: B002JCSNRE Starboardside Productions $7.95


For thirty-five years, they have been separated by the Cold War. Now they are reunited—in a red-hot explosion of high-tech battle. Lofton: naval architect, former SEAL, and renegade. Dobrynyn: brilliant Spetsnaz pointman and outcast. They're not just the deadliest of enemies. They're brothers... Read more»

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