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A CODE FOR TOMORROW: A Todd Ingram Adventure

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John was a guest on This Week in America with Ric Bratton. He discusses A CALL TO COLORS and shares historical anecdotes. Click through to watch the recording!

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Published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press, EDGE OF VALOR is the next thrilling Todd Ingram novel set during events right after August 15, 1945 in the Pacific. This time, Ingram discovers a secret so terrible, all sides try to suppress it. Now available in Hardcover! Buy it today.


These are stand-alone naval action adventure novels featuring Todd Ingram. Historically accurate, they are set in World War II's Pacific Theater and portray some of the critical naval battles in that period.


Now Available from StarboardSide Productions, this ebook features Commander Mike Donovan, skipper of the destroyer USS Matthew. With General MacArthur's 165,000 troops just ashore to begin the Philippine liberation, Donovan finds himself embroiled in what becomes the Battle of Leyte Gulf - the largest naval engagement in the history of mankind. It is available for Kindle and Nook.


This contemporary techno-thriller was published by Charles Scribner's Sons in hardback in 1991. John likes to feature technical-centerpieces in his works and BRUTUS, a long-legged mini-submarine powered by fuel cells, takes former SEAL Brad Lofton to Petropovlovsk, Kamchatka, where he meets Spetsnaz Colonel Anton Dobrynyn, an identical twin Lofton never knew that...

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A Code for TomorrowA Code for Tomorrow

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 2 Kindle: ASIN: B003F778WI Starboardside Productions
Trade Paperback United States: $14.95 Great Britain: (GBP) £11.50 Europe: €12.95
Kindle: $8.95

As the war in the South Pacific heats up, Lieutenant Todd Ingram gets a new assignment to the destroyer U.S. Howell, on which he will serve as executive officer. Thrown into two epic naval battles of early World War II, the Battle of Cape Esperance and the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, a young but already battle-weary Todd Ingram is also in the middle of a personal nightmare: his sweetheart, Army nurse Helen Durand, is trapped behind enemy lines, fighting for the resistance on Mindanao. With Soviet espionage activity hindering his rescue of Helen, Lieutenant Ingram is at an impasse. In danger of losing both the woman he loves and a war in which he had fought so valiantly, Ingram puts his life on the line for a world on the brink of destruction...

From the whispers of lovers parted by war to the explosive, harrowing naval action in the battle of Santa Cruz Islands, A Code for Tomorrow brilliantly portrays World War II and the lives it irrevocable touched... Read more»

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In A CODE FOR TOMORROW, Navy Lieutenant Todd Ingram escaped the horrors of Corregidor. Now, in San Francisco, he agonizes over Helen Durand, the Army nurse he left behind, fighting for the resistance on Mindanao. Todd Ingram is befriended by Senior Lieutenant Eduard Dezhnev, the Soviet Naval attache’ to the USSR’s consulate there. But things go badly for the U.S. Navy in the South Pacific’s Solomon Islands and Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance orders Ingram to the destroyer U.S.S.Howell as executive officer. Right back in the fighting, Ingram is caught in two of the epic naval battles off Guadalcanal: the Battle of Cape Esperance and the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Amidst this, Ingram reaches for Helen but her rescue is hampered by the espionage activities of Dezhnev, a man Ingram grew to trust and admire. With the war at its apex, Todd Ingram puts his life on the line not only for the girl he loves, but for his country, and for a world so perilously close to collapse.


Critical Praise / Cover Quotes

"From its exciting beginning on board a Russian prisoner ship off the coast of San Francisco to its incredible high-action conclusion off the coast of Mindanao, this World War II novel cooks with intrigue.... This stick-to-your fingers novel is John J. Gobbell at his best."

"A Code For Tomorrow is big and fast as a Fletcher class destroyer and the story races along with pace and power...a thrilling read."

"...the sea action is thoroughly convincing."



This is the follow-up to Gobbell’s well-received THE LAST LIEUTENANT (1995). This time Gobbell tracks young naval officer Todd Ingram, a Corregidor escapee, through more World War II action afloat in the Pacific , ashore in the Philippines, and through the hallowed halls of military high command.

It is still early in the war, and despite the promise of easy duty, Ingram is quickly sent back to help fight the Japanese navy in places few Americans knew existed prior to Pearl Harbor. Ingram is also anxious to get back to the Philippines where Helen Durand, his army-nurse sweetheart, is working with a resistance force behind enemy lines.

Gobbell, himself a young naval officer, combines painstaking research and solid storytelling to produce a highly readable military adventure. The novel ends in 1943, leaving fans anxious for the next installment of Ingram’s wartime exploits.

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...the sea action is thoroughly convincing.

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