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Now in Hardcover!

Published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press, EDGE OF VALOR is the next thrilling Todd Ingram novel set during events right after August 15, 1945 in the Pacific. This time, Ingram discovers a secret so terrible, all sides try to suppress it. Now available in Hardcover! Buy it today.


These are stand-alone naval action adventure novels featuring Todd Ingram. Historically accurate, they are set in World War II's Pacific Theater and portray some of the critical naval battles in that period.


Published by Random House-Presidio Press, this work features Commander Mike Donovan, skipper of the destroyer USS Matthew. With General MacArthur's 165,000 troops just ashore to begin the Philippine liberation, Donovan finds himself embroiled in what becomes the Battle of Leyte Gulf - the largest naval engagement in the history of mankind. It is available wherever books are sold.


This contemporary techno-thriller was published by Charles Scribner's Sons in hardback in 1991. John likes to feature technical-centerpieces in his works and BRUTUS, a long-legged mini-submarine powered by fuel cells, takes former SEAL Brad Lofton to Petropovlovsk, Kamchatka, where he meets Spetsnaz Colonel Anton Dobrynyn, an identical twin Lofton never knew that...


Edge of Valor EDGE OF VALOR

Now available from the U.S. Naval Institute Press.

The fifth novel in the Todd Ingram Series. It’s August 15, 1945; a cease fire is declared in the Pacific and Commander Todd Ingram, skipper of the destroyer USS Maxwell (DD 525) expects to relax and take his ship and crew home on operation Magic Carpet. Instead, he’s ordered to Manila to accompany sixteen Japanese senior military and civilian diplomats to work with General MacArthur’s staff on the release of POWs; the de-armament of the Imperial Japanese Military; and the Tokyo Bay surrender ceremony. From there, it gets worse, as Ingram finds himself pulled into a hideous maelstrom of events as he sprints from Okinawa to the Philippines, to a war-ravaged Japan, to the Toro Airfield on Soviet-conquered Sakhalin Island and a secret so terrible that all three sides do their best to suppress it.


Check out the Edge of Valor Microsite!

Have you been anticipating the launch of Edge of Valor? I certainly have and I just can't wait to share the bounty of images and charts I have for you, so without further ado, you can see over 50 images and charts along with history and informational sections regarding this part of WWII that Todd Ingram will be navigating through. Head on over to EdgeOfValor.com to supplement your new purchase! Be sure to like my Facebook page and then leave a comment!


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